A Childís Encyclopedia: St. Johnís Wort, Marmot Monax
by Catherine Kasper

A childís encyclopedia:
St. Johnís wort, marmot monax
a bellow, name your poison:
clemmys insculpta, old red legs
lymph nodes

they play on concrete
then summer clover, rotted softball
sing songs to themselves
until naptime
quilt drenched in dream urine

out the window, creeping Jenny
windborne henbit

Choose a safety deposit box
halos or pressed bloodroot
clap, keep clapping
dutchmanís breeches for
mosquito-sized fairies

spring beauties intoxicate
pink tickseed, rose coreopsis
speak when youíre spoken to
goldenrod tricks the nose

pronounced swallowing, phlegm
storybook incarnate
Bishopís cap
define: pretend

Jump rope, practice line dances
I believe in Mary Worth
tell me what it means:
dollsí eyes stare from the soil
wake-robin, stinking Benjamin

dogís tooth violet
scratch behind its ear, avoid
unfamiliar names:
erythronium dens-canis
translate: dog barking

Question how, not why
in micro-surgery
miniature invertebrate
cut-open candy-heart

factor out rational
I weep for you.
lock in a closet; suffocate in bed

ghost story
before which we kneel, bless
know that we have at least
escaped this
minute achievement

princess, pollywog
book with broken spine
diamond bloom across a mirror
white baneberry

Under a post-mortem
portico, sort, delete
alphabetize, file under
small wonder
once gave wings
to surpass unreal cities

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